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Step by Step: Build the Gallery Wall of Your Dreams

by Stephen Lavender on Sep 15, 2023

Gallery Wall decor inspo from Idyll Collective

Creating a stunning gallery wall in your home is like curating your own personal art exhibition. It presents an opportunity to showcase your distinctive taste, express your personality, and metamorphose your living space into an awe-inspiring visual masterpiece. So, let us delve into the steps that will guide you in constructing the gallery wall you've always dreamed of - and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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Step 1: Uncover Your Style and Theme

Before you start hanging artwork, take some time to explore different art styles and find what resonates with you. Are you captivated by abstract paintings, vintage photography, or contemporary illustrations? Uncovering your personal style will serve as the foundation for crafting a cohesive and visually pleasing gallery wall. Consider selecting a theme or color palette that harmoniously connects your artwork, resulting in a unified display.


Step 2: Handpick Your Artwork

Once you have discerned your preferred style and theme, it is time to select the artwork that will grace your gallery wall. At Idyll Collective, we offer a diverse range of prints, spanning from emerging talents to established artists. Delve into our collection and choose pieces that intimately connect with you. Remember, the allure of a gallery wall lies in the amalgamation of different sizes, mediums, and subjects. Experiment with a combination of paintings, prints, photographs, and even sculptures to infuse depth and variety.

Step 3: Strategize the Layout

Before the commencement of nail hammering, it is vital to strategize the layout of your gallery wall. Lay your artwork on the floor or use a digital tool to visualize and experiment with various arrangements. Opt for a symmetrical grid pattern for a clean and organized appearance, or revel in an eclectic arrangement with varying heights and angles for a dynamic and vibrant feel. Engage in the exploration of diverse compositions until you find the arrangement that perfectly captures your artistic vision.

Step 4: Frame and Present with Care

At Idyll Collective, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Each art piece is tailor-made, and our frames are meticulously handcrafted from natural hardwood. When framing your artwork, choose frames that not only complement the artwork but also align with your overall aesthetic. Reflect upon the colors, materials, and textures that will enhance the visual allure of your gallery wall. Once you have obtained your frames, take great care in hanging your artwork, employing precise techniques and measurements to ensure stability and balance.

Step 5: Embrace the Intricacies

To elevate your gallery wall to the next echelon, pay keen attention to the intricacies. Introduce small decorative elements such as wall sconces, shelves, or accent pieces to establish a multi-layered and dimensional display. Incorporate lighting to illuminate specific pieces or create a warm and inviting ambiance. Pro tip: do not overlook the significance of leaving breathing space between artworks - allow each piece to live individually while simultaneously contributing to the overall composition.

Step 6: Revisit and Infuse New Life

Constructing a gallery wall is an ongoing voyage of creativity. As your art collection flourishes and your tastes evolve, do not hesitate to revisit and infuse new life into your gallery wall. Swap out artworks, rearrange the layout, or introduce fresh elements to maintain its vibrancy and inspiration. The allure of a gallery wall lies in its perpetual evolution, intertwining with your journey and crafting an ever-changing visual narrative.

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