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Artist Feature: Salty Luxe

by Stephen Lavender on Sep 15, 2023

Embark on a captivating voyage through the enchanting world of Salty Luxe, guided by the talented Australian Digital Content Creator, Sarah Royall. Prepare to be transported to breathtaking realms through her stunning photography and mesmerizing videography. Join her on an exhilarating quest to discover exotic destinations, all while championing the ideals of sustainable luxury travel.

Featured Artist Salty Luxe Photographed

Uncover the inspiring story of Sarah's evolution from conquering a health scare to pursuing her dreams as a self-taught travel photographer. Salty Luxe was born out of an unwavering passion for exploration, spanning more than 50 countries that Sarah and her partner, Chesh, have ventured to. Experience their daring escapades and allow yourself to be inspired to embrace a life filled with boundless joy, endless exploration, and insatiable wanderlust.


Salty Luxe and her husband and co-photographer, Chesh.

Salty Luxe specializes in capturing awe-inspiring island beaches, magnificent landscapes, and breathtaking destinations across the globe. Guided by a commitment to sustainable travel, Sarah wholeheartedly advocates for environmentally friendly practices that never compromise on luxury. Through her captivating content, she raises awareness about responsible tourism and shares profound experiences that inspire others to cherish the planet's beauty and preserve it for generations to come.

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With an Instagram following of 567k, Salty Luxe has carved a distinctive niche by offering a unique perspective and an engaging storytelling approach. Sarah's vibrant filters and distinct aesthetic seamlessly weave together to create a brand that emanates the tropical and beachy essence. Traverse the globe through her eyes and breathe life into your own captivating visuals using Salty Luxe's renowned presets, such as the ever-popular "Tahiti Blues," infusing your photographs with the same coastal allure.

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Collaborating with esteemed brands and tourism boards, Salty Luxe crafts captivating content that resonates with their specific niche. These partnerships often yield once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from awe-inspiring aerial tours to exclusive sojourns at luxurious resorts. Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Salty Luxe's YouTube videos, where Sarah and Chesh share their sailing adventures and idyllic escapes, or explore the world through their eyes and shop their prints at Idyll Collective.

Salty Luxe Beach Photography

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